Affordable Care Act for Western, pa

At ABCS Payroll, we can ensure you stay in compliance with IRS mandates for the Affordable Care Act for Western, PA. Our ACA compliance center interfaces directly with our online payroll software, providing you with the resources you need to meet the IRS mandates. The penalties are steep, let ABCS Payroll protect you.

The ACA Made Easy

Under the Affordable Care Act, businesses face a number of different mandates. You can simplify the process and reduce your risk of IRS penalties when you turn to us. We offer solutions to help you file tax forms and manage your data so that you can focus on your daily tasks.

Our Affordable Care Act compliance center allows us to work with clients throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S. Our center features options that are designed to reduce manual processes and help you achieve the following:

  • Configure and Track All Measurement, Stability, and Administrative Periods
  • Connect to Your Payroll Data
  • Expand Your Ability to Monitor, Report, and Conduct Affordability Checks
  • Determine Your Duties as an Applicable Large Employer
  • Track When Your Staff Is Due Offers of Coverage
  • Monitor Full-Time Status for Variable-Hour Employees
  • Manage Health Plan Coverage Information
  • Electronic Filing of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C as Required by the IRS
  • Prepare and Print Form 1095-C for Employees or Have the Forms Shipped Directly to the Employees
  • Automatic Tracking of Coverage (Based on Defining Factors)
  • Alerts to Maintain Compliance
  • Easy Access to Data and Reports Needed for ACA, including, Affordability, Applicable Large Employer and ACA Eligibility Reports
  • Hourly Tracking of Employee Hours to Determine Eligibility for Benefits
  • Measurement Period Cycles down to Child Companies.
  • Dashboards and Reports to Track Employee Eligibility, Full-Time Equivalents, Affordability, and Applicable Large Employer Status

Contact us to keep your business in compliance. We offer a series of solutions for clients throughout Pennsylvania and the entire U.S.