Payroll Taxes Made Easy with Our Tax Filing Services

Are you confused by payroll taxes and when to file the appropriate return, you are not alone. This is likely the single biggest benefit of using our service. At ABCS, we handle all of your Federal, State, Local, and LST payroll taxes, from collection to payment. We even guarantee this service! If at any time you receive a payroll related penalty due to our mistake, we will take care of it. GUARANTEED!

We Manage Your Taxes with Our Expert Services

ABCS Payroll Services utilizes a comprehensive payroll tax management system. With in-depth tax liabilities calculation and payment, we complete and file your quarterly and yearly payroll taxes for Federal, State, Local, and LST. With ABCS Payroll Services, your payroll taxes are comprehensively completed and filed by our tax experts.

File Accurate Taxes with Our Tax Law Specialists

If payroll taxes have you feeling overwhelmed, then the payroll experts at ABCS Payroll Service can help. Our knowledge of payroll taxes, our years of experience in filing payroll taxes, and our professional, friendly representatives all work in your favor. We will complete and file accurate payroll tax returns.

Call our office today at 814-371-6109.

Complete Local & LST Tax Services

If you’re blessed to live in a state with Local & LST payroll taxes, we can help. ABCS Payroll Services will collect, pay and file the tax returns for Local & LST taxes. Not all payroll services can truly claim this. Why pay to have your payroll processed if they are not going to do all of the work? This is never the case at ABCS.

What Is a Local Services Tax?

A Local Services Tax is withheld from all employees within a certain region. The tax is filed quarterly on a prorated basis. How much is withheld is determined by number of factors. In PA it is based upon the locality where the employer is located. The amount of the tax can differ from locality to locality.

Determine Proper Withholdings from Employees

As an employer, you might be wondering how much LST to withhold from your employees. The tax paid is determined by the amount of the LST tax divided by how many pay periods there are in a given year. Consult with our payroll tax experts to understand what the rate is where your business is located to determine the exact withholding.

Manage LST with Ease

Don’t worry about having to decide LST withholdings on your own. Put our knowledge of LST Taxes to the test. We can determine LST rates, prepare and file accurate quarterly tax filings so you can spend your time on what you do best, run your business.

Excuse Exempt Employees

In many (but not all) areas of PA, if an employee’s taxable income is less than $12,000 they are exempt from this tax. However, this must be proven by an exemption form. If an employee does eventually surpass the $12,000 income mark, then a lump sum payment of all tax money that wasn’t withheld is due. LST Taxes and exemptions vary area to area, that’s why utilizing a payroll service is important.

Let us handle the details with our in-depth knowledge of LST taxes. Call us at 814-371-6109 for local tax services regardless of where your business is located.

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