Convenient Payroll Services from ABCS

Maintain your company’s payroll with the services of ABCS Payroll Services. With customizable packages, we can provide a specific solution that fits your company’s needs. With ABCS Payroll, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Find an Exact Solution for Your Company with Customizable Payroll

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your payroll. With ABCS Payroll Services, you decide what services you acquire based on what your company needs.

Make Things Simple with Direct Deposit

Go green with direct deposit. Make things simple by allowing employee earnings to be deposited directly into their bank accounts. With direct deposit and electronic reports, we can offer a totally green payroll.

Allow Your Employees Easy Access to Payroll with Self-Service

Our self-service feature gives your employees quick and easy access to their payroll information. This feature decreases the number of questions asked by employees as well as decreases the time spent answering those questions. It also gives your employees a sense of self-reliance.

Scrutinize Data with Electronic Reports

All payroll reports created by ABCS Payroll Services are made available to you online or via e-mail. Instant access to these reports allows you to utilize this information immediately no matter where you are. Electronic reports provide a simple, efficient, and secure way for you to access your payroll information.

Confirm Information with Same-Day Payroll

Verify proper payroll distribution with same-day payroll. Same-day payroll ensures that you have access to payroll information the same day the payroll is processed. This gives you time to review your payroll before check date. The included Cash Analysis Report will tell you exactly what you need to cover payroll.

QuickBooks and Sage Software Interface

How would you like an easy way to import payroll information directly into QuickBooks or Sage software? Well, we have it. Our “WebGL” function creates your payroll journal entry for easy import into your software. It also lists the payroll checks in your cash account making for easy reconciliation.

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